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Wood Grinding

Our company, headquartered in Danbury, CT, has over 30 years of experience in wood grinding. This ensures the project is done safely and efficiently.

  • On-site grinding
  • Wood waste removal
  • State-certified recycling facility

We are licensed and insured and use state-of-the-art equipment for our projects. We service Connecticut and Eastern New York; our work includes commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

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Answers to Your Wood Grinding Questions

What is wood grinding?

It is the process of using a chipper or grinder to break down the forest material we remove. Both chippers and grinders can be used for projects.

What are your service areas?

Generally, our projects are most cost-effective within a 60-mile area of Danbury, CT. However, we often perform larger wood grinding projects, such as those for pipelines or right-of-ways. Be sure to review our land-clearing page for larger projects.

Can you give me a price over the phone?

No. The cost can vary depending on the amount of material we need to process. To give you our best estimate, we need to visit your property to see what we will be working with.

Where does all of the wood waste go?

All of the materials are hauled to our state-certified wood recycling facility in Danbury, CT. Then, they are processed or recycled into mulch, compost or certified playground mulch.

Wood grinding for commercial, industrial and residential customers in Danbury, New Canaan, Kent, Southbury, Weston and thesurrounding areas of Connecticut and New York

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